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Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing all types of high quality stainless steel hose fittings and connections for different areas of the industry. The hose fittings are mainly for gaseous and fluidic applications. The materials range from stainless steel to titanium and depending on customers' requirements. 90% of the offered catalog items whether standard parts or complex assemblies are available from stock so it is very convenient for us to transport without any problems.


We have versatile range of hose fittings and they are flanged hose fittings, DDC dry disconnect hose fittings, TW hose couplings, BSP/NPT hose fittings, cam and groove hose couplings, food/hygienic hose fittings, steam hose fittings, coax hose fittings, and ferrule type hose fittings. You can rely on our quality hose fittings because our engineers and technicians give customers optimum economic solutions. The quality assurance is carried out with modern measuring methods and means for drawing production. They find their applications in petrol stations, rail and road tankers, refueling and transferring operations, and in industrial fields.

hose fittings components compatible with BSP

Our hose fittings have many features: good qualified advice from our sales departments, excellent value for money, many items available from stock, safe design concept, permanent leak proof attachment, high operational safety, durable brand quality, ergonomic and practical design and designed to meet official standards. Due to these features our fittings and couplings are exported to Europe, America, Canada, the countries of the Middle East, and etc. And also we cooperate with Gates, Goodyear and Parker.