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Detailed information on method of ordering hose fitting

As we all know that there are various types of hose fittings therefore it is important to identify fitting types when you want to order hose fittings products. Our company is delight to give customers tips on identifying fitting types.

The first step is to identify the standard of hose fittings. If you need British standard fittings then you should select the BSP otherwise the hose fitting cannot connect the hose you are using.
Second, make sure the applications of hose fittings. As different hose fittings have different applications so it is vital to make an identification of the usages.
Third, make sure that the sizes of hose fittings are complete with hoses.
Fourth, consider the sealing mechanisms, that is to say to have a good look at the thread interface, O-ring, matching angle or metal joint, and mated angle with O-ring.
To do this we should know that the front male fittings are typically narrower than the back of fittings. For high pressure applications you'd better to choose the O-ring sealing mechanism.
Fifth, determine the thread type. Using a thread gauge to measure the inch of threads and find an accurate measurement.

hose fittings components compatible with BSP

Different sizes of hose fittings to BSP

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