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Instructions for remove and replace the hose fittings

Customers should know that the hose fittings of our company all have long service life and they are durable but if using in a wrong way, there is a need to remove and replace the faulty hose fittings.

  1. Have a look at the type and make sure the size of the hose fitting that needs to be replaced.
  2. To understand the refrigerant type of the hose system and make sure to use the right refrigerant to different hose systems.
  3. Cut the hose using a sharp knife or hose cutter and slice a ferrule by a hack saw and then remove the hose fitting.
  4. Push the new hose fitting stem into the hose end completely after the stem was wet by refrigerant oil.
  5. Install the proper crimping tool with hose size and crimp style.
  6. Put hose fitting between the jaws of tool and then complete the crimp by using high strength to tighten jaws.
  7. Attach the hose fitting and repair and recharge the system, and test the system to see whether there is leakage or not.
The diagram of hose fitting replacement crimping tool

Crimping tool to replace the hose fitting

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