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Hose fittings give best solutions for connection

Hose fittings connect pipes, hoses, which are used to join hoses and machines together. They are available in various types and the materials can be stainless steel, fabricated metal and various plastics. Our featured hose fittings products include flanged hose fittings, DDC dry disconnect hose couplings, TW hose couplings, BSP/NPT hose fittings, cam and groove hose fittings, food/hygienic hose fittings, steam hose fittings, and ferrule type hose fittings.

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The hose fittings are used in the following industries: fluid power, hydraulics and pneumatics, mechanical and plant engineering, automotive industry, painting, paper-making, shipbuilding and offshore, environmental technology, solar, chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, food industry, vacuum technology, laboratory and process technology.

Our hose fitting can meet the general requirements under normal stress when installed correctly. It has many features and benefits. For example, it can withstand the expected mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses. The temperature range can be -20°C to +150°C. Meets or exceeds the standard of SAE and ISO.

Our company also provides related technology support. Here mainly shows some information about aspects of technique. If you want to learn more about the products and more info, please contact us FREELY by email or online.

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